Load Data

Goal and donation data is loaded from a Google Sheet document identified by SheetID, via the Google Sheets API v4. This application will read the sheet data and convert the data into Goal and Donation object data that can be used for calculations and drawing to the canvas.

Click on the LoadData button to reload the sheet data, recalculate progress, and redraw the canvas. You may be prompted to sign in to Google and allow this app to read your spreadsheet data.

Calculate and Visualize Goal Progress

You may use this application as a sandbox seeded with data loaded from a Google Sheet. Any values you change here will only exist in this context. The changes will never be written to the Google Sheet.

Change any of the input values in the Sandbox section to add your temporary data to the calculations and canvas.

Click on the Calculate button to recalculate progress and redraw the canvas.

Customize Appearance

You may customize the design of the progress bar graphic. Your design changes will be stored in your browser's local storage.

Change any of the input values in the Design section to make your design changes.

Click on the Draw button to redraw the canvas.

Click on the Download button to save the image as a PNG file.



File Details


How will my donation be applied?

Preview for round-off errors. Check if your donation will fall short (-0.01) or go beyond (+0.01). NOTE: This does not take currency conversions into account.